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Purple People Eaters Minnesota Vikings US Bank Stadium

Purple People Eaters PaintingOne of my pieces (artist John Robertson) In the new Minnesota Vikings stadium is The "Purple People Eaters" which shows the legendary linemen Carl Eller, Allen Page, Gary Larson and Jim Marshall.   The painting you see in the photograph is eight feet by twelve feet, acrylic on canvas.  The "Purple People Eaters' painting is in the Gold Suites lobby to Norsemen's suites.  This is a private area for the suite owners but the doors are sometimes left opened so one can see them from the public area. 

What was fun about the opening is meeting Carl Eller and Jim Marshall who autographed the photograph art book featuring the stadium's artists.  We also had a chance to meet the great Minnesota Vikings coach Bud Grant. 
Minnesota Vikings Stadium
We went to the art collection opening at the new  U.S. Bank Stadium where the NFL Minnesota Vikings will be playing their football games starting this 2016 2017 football season.  The stadium has …

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