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Sports Art Skateboarder on: Go Skateboarding Day

 Go Skatboarding Day

 It is National, Go Skateboarding Day.  And here is a piece of skateboarder art that I did a few years ago.  I live in a town of both surfers and skateboarders.  Only a few blocks from me is a promenade along where a couple of good surfing spots are located.  Sof, the surfers gather in the parking lot and in between trips to

Skateboarder Art skateboarder leaning on her skateboard and watching the surf large scale 8 foot painting with artist John Robertson standing next to the skateboard art.

the water some will break out their skateboards.  Others are just skaters coming down to watch the surfers and skate.  In the case of this skateboarder, she was standing on the promenade looking out at the surf at Ventura Point in Ventura, Ca.

 Get Out and Skate

 So, if you have ever skateboarded and may even still have your board, break it out of the closet and head down to your local skate park - or wherever is a good place to skateboard on the concrete..  Kick back and enjoy the exhilaration and spirit of one of a sport that is a one of our cultures iconic activities.

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