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Interior Décor using Baseball Art

Too often sports art is discounted as an attractive piece of wall décor in designing the interior of a home. If your client is a sports fan, and in the case of baseball, you can see how the art makes a nice statement to the home décor.  The design of the room is done professionally and  perfectly composed.  The interior decorator compliments the muted colors of the grey bedspread and headboard, along with the white interior of the walls and then adds the personal touch of the personal character of the homeowner.  They are sports fans. And with its use it gives a nice, clean look to the room without overpowering the interior or drawing too much attention to the art.  It provides a nice balance without the clutter of competing with other parts of the décor.

 It is always of interest and enjoyment for me to see a photograph of how my sports art is used. And I like to see how an interior designer uses my sports art as home décor. I tend to think that my sports art ends up in a den or office space.  But in this case the black and white baseball art is used in the bedroom.  I think that it is a nice addition to the room.

 Baseball Art Information

 The baseball art is 24" x 48" acrylic and ink on newsprint and magazine pages mounted to canvas and gallery wrapped.

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