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Baseball Sports Art Pitcher Clayton Kershaw Los Angeles Dodgers

Sports Baseball Art,  MLB LA Dodgers Pitcher Clayton Kershaw throwing a baseball.

Very, Very Basic Info About Clayton Kershaw

 For those of you who may not know, Clayton Kershaw is a  (MLB)  Major League Baseball left-handed pitcher for the Los Angeles Dodgers and has been with the team for 13 seasons.  He is also considered one of the great Dodgers pitchers of all time. Right now, (towards the end of May) he is having a great run striking out 19 hitters in the last few games.

 The Art of Baseball

 I don’t follow the statistics for the athletes I paint.  I am interested in the art of sports.  Although I do like sports I am not into the details of it.  What I am more interested in is their look.  I like the action positions they get themselves into.  You can see in this image the perfect mechanics of throwing a baseball.  Kershaw sets up the path that his arm should follow when he throws the ball.  What determines the speed and accuracy of the pitch is to get the correct throwing circle of the arm and maintain that path the arm follows when throwing the baseball.  Position is very important so if the pitcher’s arm is not in the correct position he can damage his arm.

 I do not have answers to what those arm positions and the circle motion should be.  I am an artist.  I am not interested in the technical aspect of throwing the baseball.  But there is beauty in the motion of throwing a baseball.  And that is what I am interested in - to see those various moments in the action that captures the essence of the athlete.  You can see in this painting/drawing that Kershaw is in a classic pose throwing a pitch. 

The art is 48" x 48" ink on paper that is on canvas.

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