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Rock Climbing Hand Hold Fist Jam

A Fist jam in rock climbing is jamming the hand into a crack with a clenched fist position, the expanded muscles securing the hand.
Image sports art of a rock climbing technique where a fist is jammed between two rock surfaces to provide a hold onto the rock face.

Five Rules of a Rock Climbing Fist Jam

Rule 1  You want to get as much of your fist, (turned sideways) and jammed into the crack as you possibly can.

Rule 2  Try to get even more body parts, like your wrist and  arm into the crack if possible The more skin contact the more secure.

Rule 3  Keep body parallel to the crack.  Think of it as climbing a ladder one rung at a time.

Rule 4  You are using your body parts to hold onto the rock .  Not muscle.

Rule 5   Don’t look down.

 Give Up Rock Climbing?  Here's Why

 If you are a rock climber and wonder if you should continue the sport these are the things you do that suggests you should give up the sport.

1. You've chopped the rope with your axe while ice climbing.
2. Your climbing partner uses you to "test" for rock stability.
3. You fell off the tailgate of your pick-up truck.
4. People ask if you're a park ranger.
5.  You buy shoes a size too big.
6. You aerate your lawn with your crampon.
7.  If you wear baggy shorts and no underwear
8.  If you say "I think it might be this way"

Why Paint a Hand Hold in Rock Climbing?

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