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 Earth Day Art

Today is Earth Day and a day to celebrate protection of the the earth.    This year marks marks the 51st. anniversary of Earth Day, As an artist I am constantly reminded how beautiful a place is to see, and
I try to capture, in some form, with oil and canvas.  Every day is earth day. We strive for green living, protection of endangered species and appreciate what an amazing environment we live in.

 It is spring again and I remember my first consciousness of nature.  I was eight years old and my parents took us on a driving trip north from Los Angeles along route 1.  We were gone for a couple of weeks up into Oregon and Washington.  Our trip was during the summer more than seventy years ago.

Memory of Nature

 What my most vivid memory is the drive through the redwoods of California.  I don’t remember the towns or highway or the actual time we spent in the car.  But I remember the mist in the forest, and the ferns, and the enormous size of the trees and the moisture from the dew dripping from the branches. And everything seemed to be green and red.   And later, I am not sure if it was another day or just later in the day, I can remember fog lifting and the light changing and beams through the mist shined up the plants into an intense green.   And then a soft breeze passed through the trees.  It was enough to sway branches and bring a gentle feeling comfort.

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