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Days off Hobby

On my days off from painting sports art I like to go out into the countryside and create these small impressionism paintings. It’s a true busman’s holiday to take tine away from painting to do other paintings.  That is what an artist’s life can be like.  What I do for a living is also what I like to do for fun. It is a good break away from the demanding large scale sports paintings that I created in my studio. 

Wildling Museum Art Exhibition

 My art is being installed at the Wildling Museum in Solvang, Ca. for an upcoming group show.  I will have 65 small, expressive and impressionistic oil paintings for the upcoming exhibition.  Quote from the Wildling Museum; “Our upcoming exhibition, 'Bio/Mass' will feature an inspiring group of eleven contemporary artists who have transformed their fascination with deep observations of their individual environments into works that help us to see the beauty in the details of our world, celebrating both quiet and dramatic moments in nature”. No date is set but they anticipate a mid to late April opening.

Artist John Robertson standing with 65 paintings that have been installed at the Wildling Museum in Solvaang, Ca for an art echibition

 I live close to farm fields and rural countryside so I like to go out and create “en plein air paintings” and as others refer to my impressionistic painting, alla prima.  Alla prima painting is described as technique in which the painting (usually painted from life) is completed in one sitting or while the paint is still wet.  Painting in this manner is a break form the large-scale sports art created in the confines of my studio.

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