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Boxing Art Painting of Fighters In Ring Hagler

Boxing art painting of boxers In the ring painted in black and white.

Marvelous Marvin Hagler

 I was sorry to hear of the passing of the great boxing legend Marvelous Marvin Hagler.  He was one of my favorite boxers of all time - although this is not a painting of him in the ring. But his death reminded me of my enjoyment of watching boxing on tv as a kid with my dad.  That continued through the 80’s when I watched Hagler’s major fights that were shown on tv.  They were classic all out brawls - my favorite being his battles with Thomas “Hitman” Hearns. 

 his interest in boxing continued to a point where I did a series of boxing paintings and drawing and had a show with a number of the works.  The painting shown here was one of those paintings and one I had decided to keep around for a while.

 The boxing painting is in storage but, as I remember, it is 36” x 36” acrylic on stretched canvas.

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