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Basketball Art NCAA Tournament

 NCAA Basketball March Madness

Basketball art of a basketball player dribbling a basketball as he heads for the hoop cutting across the floor as his drive to the basketball hoop. Sports art is on newspaper mounted to board The man of La Mancha loves The NCAA basketball tournament.  I am sure Don Quixote lowered the drawbridge this past weekend and rode out on Rocinante to enjoy watching March Madness.  The NCAA basketball tournament lives up to his kind of dreams.  Every game has an opportunity for honey and cream. Sometimes it is only a sip as we watch an underdog team think they are going to win - and then realize the last shot did not go in and they only got a taste of that cream.  A number one seeded team may be tested into overtime by a team sitting at the bottom of the bracket.  It’s exhilarating to watch the basketball game go into overtime for the potential upset and crazy chaos to follow.

 Excitement of the Basketball Tournament

 Our favorite underdog challenges the ”unbeatable foe” and like most dreams, (the cynic that I am) they end – sometimes they end in success but usually they end in failure.  And that is why we love to watch one of the most exciting championships of any sport.   The players are young and enthusiastic.  They come to the game with dreams of winning – metaphorically in a better world.  The NCAA basketball tournament playoffs and finals give us that enthralling, excitement of (what the great sports broadcaster, Jim McKay would say) “…the thrill of victory…and the agony of defeat.”

 The basketball art, painting is approximately 26” by 48” ink and acrylic on old newsprint.

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