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Basketball Art NCAA March Madness Tournament

 NCAA Tournament 

With the NCAA college Basketball tournament, March Madness, it reminds us of the fun and wonder of playing the game of basketball.  There is such enthusiasm the college players show and we can participate in that zeal.  I think, in many ways, it is a sports fan perfect sport.

Basketball artsports player shooting a basketball that is painted on board and newsprint

 Why?  Because if you close your eyes you can imagine yourself playing basketball on a local court with your friends.  You not only can picture this in your head, you can actually put on some sorry ass gym shorts that are halfway falling down, put on some old, worn out tennis shoes and drag your butt out and and easily get a pickup game at a gym or playground.   It is not like other sports where you need a bunch of other players.  You can have a good time just playing against your best friend or a team of players. 

March Madness

 The NCAA March Madness tournament does that for us.  It is a sport that is easy for any of us to understand and play.  As the great UCLA Bruins basketball coach John Wooden, coach of the greatest basketball team that ever played (think any college sport)  said about playing basketball in a gym:  “Round ball, hoop, wood floor, no wind.  Put ball through hoop.”  He may not have actually said it like that, but you get the idea.  That is how he felt about the game.  Break it down to it’s simplest actions.  Anybody can do it and anybody can have fun at it at any age.

 Even though this basketball art you see here is of a NBA Golden State Warrior the painting reflects the action and excitement of playing basketball.  And the NBA is where almost all of the players what to be.  How the players perform can provide them with the “Golden Ticket” to the the NBA and maybe with the Warriors.  It's something to shoot for.   

 The shooting guard NBA Golden State Warriors basketball art is on sports printed basketball articles and maps glued to a Masonite board then painted and provided with a polyurethane protective finish.  As I recall the painting is 23 inches by 48” and currently available but not listed for sale.

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