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NBA Milwaukee Bucks Basketball Art Dunk Shot

Milwaukee Bucks Basketball Art

 I had painted a basketball painting for the NBA Milwaukee Bucks.  This basketball sports art is approximately 5 feet by 7 feet, acrylic on unstretched canvas.  I am not sure where in the Fiserv Forum the art is hanging.  If you happen to be in the arena I would love a photograph of it showing where it hangs.  I would show my appreciation for the photo by provide a nice archival print of one of my sports paintings.

 About the Basketball Painting

One of the difficulties to paint a hand dunking the basketball is to get a good photo of lthe action.  Through a contact I was able to get a college basketball player to dunk the ball.  I stood on a ladder and the guy continued to dunk the ball time after time.  It was not only this shot of him dunking I got, but his hand in various positions above the rim and the ball being slammed down through the basketball net.  Because of this I was able to paint a number of basketball paintings showing the ball in different stages of the dunk shot. 

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