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MLB Baseball Opening Day Artist John Robertson Baseball Painting

Opening Day Major League Baseball (MLB)

Is March 29 a national holiday?  Should be, as it is MLB’s opening day of the baseball season.  There should be floats, and the Blue Angels dipping into the stadium – a huge balloon release or five hundred red, white and blue pigeons flying around the stadium.  Fireworks blasting overhead.   For   Every player is nervous with either butterflies in their stomach or a monkey on their back.  It all depends on how their last season ended.  But it is a special day, a birthday for everyone.  Something, somewhere in some stadium something great will happen. 
this is to be the first day we get to see the potential fairy tail team that will go on to win the World Series - or it will be our first sight of a future Hall of Famer.

It is a new dawn with a game opening in a forty degree icebox of a stadium or another stadium opening in a climate conducive to an eighty-two degree warming oven.  Will you be there to see it?  Will you see the first pitch, the first throwing of the hotdog or bag of peanuts?  Are we going to see an opening day shutout?  A no-hitter?  Only happened once. A walk-off home run?  Why not?  It is the ceremonial beginning of spring.

Me?  What will I do?  I will probably create a new baseball painting – something that will remind me of that opening day in late March.  That is what painting is for me – a way of recalling a day or experiencing it again through the act of painting.  It is a part of life that    I can’t let go but need to remind myself of the joys of spring.  Opening day does that for me.  The new year is not in January it is the opening day of spring bringing all the hopes of a great year. 

The baseball sports art painting by sports artist John Robertson is Sports Art baseball painting image of a baseball painting approximately 60“ by 72”, acrylic on unstretched canvas.

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