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Well, I guess us LA Dodgers fans can have a smile on their face as they started off at a 6-1 win loss.  This does not mean their season will play at this percentage but it is a nice way to start. And considering the Dodgers, is one of the favorite teams this season, there is some satisfaction in knowing there are a lot of teams that would be thrilled to have the potential. .  I know, I know, at this point in writing and showing the Dodgers art it is very, very early to make any kind of prediction to the season’s outcome. Let us hope they play to their ability. 

 So, why do I think the LA Dodgers might have a really good regular season?   It is pretty simple for even a sports artist to figure out.  Basically they have the same team that they had in 2020.  Then they added Trevor Bauer, the National League Cy Young winner and also the strong arm of Corey Knebel backing up in the bull pen.  I am sure that Clayton Kershaw is happy to have the company.  I do expect the Los Angeles Dodgers expect to win their division championship. But what do I know.  I just paint sports art Good luck.

About the LA Dodgers Baseball Art

 In the meantime here is a piece of art celebrating the Los Angeles Dodgers – a player sliding into home plate with a Yankee catcher tagging him out.    The LA Dodgers painting by sports artist John Robertson is ink and acrylic on a variety of maps of Los Angeles.  The painting is 5 feet by 6 feet.

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