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Dallas Cowboys Training Camp 2017

Have gone to Dallas Cowboys training camp in Oxnard, Ca to get some shots of football players.  What is always striking about going to training camp is how many people come out daily to see theplayers.  Cars are lined up before the parking lot even opens and can stretch a half mile back.  This is at least an hour before the gates open.  I hear reports that about 4,000 to
5,000 Cowboys fans come out for each day of training.  Once in there are lots of vendors showing a variety of Dallas Cowboys merchandise, jerseys, hats, footballs, key chains, etc.

The field is large and there are plenty of viewing places with bleachers if you do not want to wander around.  When players are going through their drills they move from location to location so there are a lot of good advantage places to see them practicing close. 
As I have a decent long range camera it was easy for me to sit in the bleachers and get a lot of good photos for reference to future paintings. 

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