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UCLA Bruins Basketball player dribbling the basketball art

NCAA March Madness UCLA Basketball Art

UCLA beats Michigan and for the Bruins it is a whole new series.   They have a shot at finals and we LA fans can be rooting for nothing more than to see them in do it.  UCLA certainly has the best history in the NCAA basketball tournaments.  I thought about saving this basketball art piece for later when UCLA moves on to the finals. But I do have my doubts of them beating No. 1 Gonzaga when they face them on Saturday.

  I know this has really has been a “March Madness” with there being 14 upsets in the NCAA tournament (13 being the previous record).  And UCLA accounted for 3 of them.  But the dream run is probably over. 

UCLA Bruins Fan

 As a native of Los Angeles and living on the Westside of LA, the UCLA Bruins has always been the college that I followed - even though I had to go to another in the area college (bad GPA) - which shall remain nameless.  In my college years and after, UCLA was dominate in basketball under Coach Wooden.  He is a tough act to follow - but, we fans always have hopes.

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