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Baseball Art Jackie Robinson Brooklyn Dodgers Video and Drawing

Inspiration for a Baseball Art

 How do I sometimes create sports drawings? I see something for inspiration. I paint how I feel about it. I am not trying to recreate the reference material but use it as an impetus for the piece. This short Jackie Robinson video shows him running the bases and it seemed like an interesting image to draw.

Remembering Jackie Robinson When I was a Boy

As a boy I can remember listening to baseball on the radio and hearing the old MLB Brooklyn Dodgers and waiting for Jackie Robinson to come at bat. I would take my small transistor radio to school with me, hiding it in my lunch’s brown paper bag.  I had a single long ear piece. 

When the games started I’d hide it under my shirt and run the earpiece up under my shirt and into my ear.  I kept that ear turned away from the teachers - and listened to the games from New York. Yes, I was not a good student and yes I eventually, in later years, I dropped out of school before graduating from high school.  It seemed like the right thing to do and looking back on it was one of my better decisions.

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