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Basketball Player Flow with Purpose

 Just what does that mean?  It is an inspiring message that means you play basketball in the flow of the game and doing so with purpose of playing as best as you can.  When you are playing the game with the desire and intensity of the movements there is a connection between mind and body which

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allows you to play at a higher level.  It is where the magic happens in that flow of your movements.  You become one with the ball, with your teammates and ultimately with the game of basketball.  For more inspirational tee shirt designs by sports artist John Robertson visit Tee shirt Designs.

 What Purpose Means.

 Your purpose is knowing what your position is on the team – and what the purpose of the game is.  This philosophy extends into life where you have knowledge of your purpose on earth – your purpose in life. Focus your energy and talents on becoming the best at what you do.  You are unique in your abilities and can make a strong contribution to the game you play and the life you live.  You do both with purpose.

 What Flow Means

 This is a hard thing to achieve.  What you want to do is live life is in the moment, in the present and not dwell on past mistakes you have made.  When playing basketball you have to forget about the last shot you may have missed or even the past shot you may have made.  Both have to be put out of your mind and instead let all the training and skills you have developed take over, allowing your intuition that flows from all that preparation guide your play.  This is in the flow and playing becomes an effortless experience.  This is very easy to say but difficult to achieve.  But when you combine the flow with the purpose it brings meaning to the game of basketball – and if you can do this outside the game – brings meaning to your life

 For more motivational tee shirt designs by sports artist John Robertson visit T- Shirt Designs.

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