Atlanta Braves Baseball Art David Justice SunTrust Park Stadium Painting

Atlanta Braves Baseball Art

The painting you see above of  David Justice a former outfielder and designated hitter in Major League Baseball who played for the Atlanta Braves (1989–1996).  The painting I created is Atlanta Braves art from their new SunTrust baseball stadium in Atlanta, Ga.  The painting of David Justice is
Major League baseball player David Justice who played right field for the Atlanta Braves slides into home plate where the catcher and umpire stands
8 feet by 15
MLB baseball player  David Justice right field sliding into home plate with catcher and umpire
feet, acrylic on unstretched canvas.  I created three pieces this size and will see other post of the other paintings on this blog.  Although I have created sports art for a number of other stadiums the three MLB baseball pieces I painted of Atlanta Braves players are the largest.   The other two pieces are of Chipper Jones and the other is of Dale Murphy.  All three of the pieces are on display in the Delta Sky Club area of the SunTrust Park stadium.
About David Justice

Three-time MLB All-Star who played right field and hit over 300 home runs in his 14-year career.  He was also on a winning World Series with the Atlanta Braves in 1995.  And here is a little bit of Trivia.  He was married to actress Halle Berry from 1992 to 1996.

I am always curious about some of the things athletes say.  Here is an odd one attributed to David Justice.  “I mulled over what he had told me as I savored the Scotch. Not bad, really — like a beer that’s been in a brawl.”   The real question about this quote is who was David Justice drinking Scotch with that  made that statement to him.  I have no idea.

It is always interesting to read odd things about athletes.  Here is another odd one from the movie “Moneyball”  about Oakland A's general manager Billy Beane's attempt to put together a baseball club cheaply using a computer-generated analysis to draft his players.

David Justice (at the time) is on the Oakland Athletics and he is talking with Scott Hatteberg who has moved from catcher to a first baseman.

  David Justice:
Scotty H.

Scott Hatteberg:
Yo, what's up, D.J.?

David Justice:
Pickin' machine.

[Scott laughs]

David Justice:
How you likin' first base, man?

Scott Hatteberg:
It's, uh... it's coming along. Picking it up. You know, tough transition, but I'm starting to feel better with it.

David Justice:

Scott Hatteberg:

David Justice:
What's your biggest fear?

Scott Hatteberg:
A baseball being hit in my general direction

[Hatteberg and Justice share a laugh]

David Justice:
That's funny. Seriously, what is it?

Scott Hatteberg:
No, seriously, that is.

[uncomfortable pause; Hatteberg leaves]

David Justice:
Well, hey, good luck with that.

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