Speed Steals

Below this large-scale baseball painting post (8 feet by 5 feet)
are other posts with images showing the detail of each player.
Artist John Robertson Baseball sports painting of a player
sliding into home plate.
5 feet by 8 feet acrylic on unstretched canvas
Top ten things to think about baseball.
1. Anyone can win a game unless there is another team playing.
2. The biggest sin in baseball is being thrown out at home plate.
3. Make good plays - good enough to make the opposing team manager kick the water cooler.
4. I like a sport where stealing is not illegal
5. There is no sweeter word for a runner than "Safe"
5. The first thing a team physician checks on an injured catcher is for footprints.
7. It is better to steal than never.
8. Always run bases counter-clockwise.
9. Chewing bubble gum – don’t blow bubbles while wearing a catcher’s mask.
10. Chewing tobacco – spit, don’t swallow

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