Baseball slide into home plate Baseball art painting

About the painting technique

This is a large scale black and white baseball art painting, 5 feet by 8 feet, acrylic on canvas.  Sports artist John Robertson’s baseball sports painting of a player sliding into home plate is painted it in a crude way to give a sense of expression to the work and not just an exact replication of a particular scene.  Removing color and using only black and white paint and a large brush take it away from the illustrative quality of other sports paintings.

 About stealing home plate

Although the painting is not about stealing home plate the image does bring to mind about a home plate steal. What is interesting to note is that generally speaking stealing home plate is not a very good idea.  In fact it is usually a bad idea.  Which is why it is such a beautiful thing when a player does try and steal home plate.  The trick to the steal is hard to image.  First, the base has to be about half way towards home plate when the pitcher begins his pitch.  For that to happen the pitcher can’t be even thinking there is a possibility of a steal or even glancing over to the runner.  Obviously the pitch is clean to the catcher.  But the catcher is caught off guard and his reaction is probably off by a second or two. This may be enough time for the base runner to angle for the left corner of the plate and out of the reach of the catcher’s glove.  What is his chances?  In the 2016 season the base runner was 4 for 11 on a direct steal.  Just so you know, if the play started out with a catcher’s throw to another base for a pick off or for a steal and the third base runner tries to steal home, the chances of him being successful is 69 percent.  Those are good odds.  4 for 11 not so good.

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