A Catcher is a Backstop With a Good Arm

Baseball art Painting of Ramon Hernandez by artist John Robertson
50" x 70" acrylic on unstretched canvas
Ramon Hernandez, the great catcher (and can play first base) for the Cincinnati Reds. He has an interesting position to play. Catchers are the defensive leader on the field. They call the pitches and can position players on the field and have a pragmatic view of baseball. The great pitcher Bob Feller said, "If you believe your catcher is intelligent and you know that he has considerable experience, it is a good thing to leave the game almost entirely in his hands."
A good catcher will have psychological insight and have a list of behaviors for each player approaching the batting box. His eyes are continuing to move across the field of play and his mind running the different offensive scenarios in his head. All of this going on with a baseball bat menacingly inches from his head.

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